Luxury Apartments For Rent Lima Peru - Ocean View. This Is Like Miraflores

With luxury apartments, there is no better thing to offer than a quiet place, with a beautiful view of the sea, with security so that a couple can live for a while, get on a long vacation or work in Lima, Perú, living in a very special place full of luxury. This is something you will not find easily in any other place in Lima-Perú.

Summary Of The Apartment

Deal: Full Furnished Rental.
Location: Barranco, Paul Harris. Amazing View Of The Ocean. (This area of Barranco is like Miraflores or better)
Area: 754.5 Square Feet.
Floor: 7
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 3
Construction Year: 2,008

The Offer

This time I offer a beautiful apartment for rent at Paul Harris in the district of Barranco. Paul Harris goes through Barranco to Miraflores and apartments that are in front of the sea are the most expensive departments because of the beautiful view. But now let's start the virtual tour of this dream apartment.

For those who enjoy watching videos rather than reading descriptions , here I put the video demonstration of this beautiful apartment that wont take more than three minutes to watch completely.

Arriving To The Apartment

The first thing we see is the entrance.

The area is completely calm, but to provide additional security to those living in these luxurious apartments, there is a caretaker to look after anything that goes out of the ordinary.

The Entrance

From there, we go through the hall, where there is a nice waiting room.

And then we go to the reception area, where we will meet the friendly caretaker of the building. When we went to take pictures, this guy was very friendly and we talked about many things for a little while.

And now we go to the elevator to get to the apartment which is on the seventh floor.

Another picture of the elevator. This elevator has an additional safety door.

Now we climb up to the floor number 7 and go into the apartment and we see the dining room, the living room. We have another route going to go see the rooms and the kitchen, but first let's see the dining room and living room.

Here Is The Dining Room.

Now I show you several pictures of this spectacular luxury apartment in Paul Harris. This living has furniture of leather and rattan.

From the living we have noticeable sea views and this is what makes the department a real treat for the eyes. As it is on the 7th floor, the views are really unbeatable.

And now let's see the most spectacular views from the balcony of the apartment.

Now we move away to return to the front of the elevator to get to the bedrooms (the apartment also has an additional service elevator). Here is a last view of the balcony.

Now we return, we see a view from the terrace.

We return to the elevator level to go to the bedrooms and the master bedroom. This room is a suite that has a king sized bed.

The master bedroom has an excellent and very large walkin closet.

and the master bedroom has a small living room.

Now see the amazing master suite bath. These is top quality.

And finally, I will show you a view of the master bedroom from the terrace.

And the fabulous sea views from inside this room

The Other Rooms

Leaving the main room, we see a hall with access to the other 2 bedrooms .

In this hall, we have a spectacular home theater I show below

Room Number 2

And here is the closet that belongs to this room

Room Number 3

Room Service With Cabin

Now see the bathroom that belongs to this room

Now we will see views from the kitchen

The Dining Room

At the end of the kitchen, there is a cozy dining area.

The Laundry

There is a fully equipped laundry and also has an excellent view of the street.

The Garage

The apartment has 2 garages.

The Price

The price for this beautiful apartment is $2,800 dollars per month. You have to pay 1 month in advance and 2 months as warranty. The tenant must pay the maintenance fee (800 soles, aproximately, $290 dollars per month) and all services contracted (water, electricity and any service contracted by the tenant).

The choice is yours if you want to rent this luxury apartment in Lima, Perú. You could contact me here, below is my data. Contact me even if you want to rent another type of apartment I will gladly help you with your search, just Even if you want to rent an apartment at the highest level (or cheaper ) , I can help you find it for free and with no obligation on your part.

Glad To Serve You.
Andrés Berger García
ReMax RealState Agent
Phone : ( 51 ) 994-964-486
Fixed : ( 511 ) 434-4041
Lima - Peru

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